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Are You Living in an Abusive Marriage?

Domestic violence is usually very overt and easy to recognize. Sometimes though, abuse is covert and we may not even realize we are in an abusive relationship. Here you will find help in understanding abuse and identifying whether or not you are in an abusive relationship.
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  2. How To Leave Abusive Relationship (8)
  3. Passive Aggressive Behavior (18)
  4. Verbal and Emotional Abuse (10)

What Are Some Types Of Domestic Abuse?
Whether domestic abuse is overt or covert, it is about control. Aggression is primitive and immature reactions to a sense of helplessness and feeling a loss of control. Domestic abuse, violet or non-violent is used to keep a sense of safety for the abuser

The Difference Between Domestic Abuse and Normal Marital Conflict
There is a difference between domestic abuse and normal marital conflict. Conflict is normal in marriage, abuse is not.

Help For Victims of Domestic Abuse
Links to resources such as state laws pertaining to domestic violence, programs offering assistance and other information to help victims and families of victims of domestic violence.

How to Respond to False Allegations of Domestic Abuse
How you respond to false allegations of abuse will dertimine how well you recover from those allegations.

5 Things to Do When Leaving an Abusive Marriage
Leaving an abusive marriage? These 5 tips will help you remain safe during the process.

Negative Effects of Domestic Violence
The longer domestic violence continues the more negative the effects on the victim. It is crucial to the physical, psychological and social well fare of the victim that they recognize abuse and remove themselves from the situation quickly.

A Comprehensive Look At Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse can take two forms, either violent or non-violent. The abuser, abuses out of a need to control the victim. Are you being hit, punched, kicked or emotionally manipulated by someone you love?

The Negative Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children
Children who live with domestic abuse in the home are more likely to develop health and psychological problems as adults. They are more likely to be abused or become abusers themselves later in life.

Physical Abuse Statistics
Physical abuse consists of anything an intimate partner does to the other partner that causes physical pain. If you partner has slapped, pinched, punched, thrown things at you or assaulted you with a weapon, you are a victim of physical abuse.

Are You Being Abused?
Are you being abused? Look over the following questions. Think about how you are being treated and how you treat your partner. Remember, when one person scares, hurts or continually puts down the other person, it's abuse.

Can I Sue My Abusive Ex-Husband?
I am recently divorced after being married for two decades to an abusive husband. The last instance of left me hospitalized for a month with a permanent disability. I’ve lost my job and have medical bills I need to pay. Since I was not allowed to address these issues in during our divorce negotiations I was wondering if it is possible for...

How To Express Healthy Anger
In a healthy marriage both spouses feel free to express their emotions, needs and desires. It is inevitable that expressing emotions can, at times mean expressing healthy anger and engaging in conflict. Anger is a healthy part of a relationship if the anger is properly expressed.

Is Your Ex Stalking You?
Is your ex stalking you? Would you recognize stalking behaviors and be able to protect yourself against a stalker? Stalking by an ex-spouse is a serious crime and one where law enforcement officials should become involved.

Stalking After Divorce Or Separation
Is your ex stalking you? If so, do you know how to protect yourself legally?

Repressed Emotions Cause Physical Illness
If you are living in an abusive relationship, you’ve learned to repress your emotions. Repressing emotions can cause physical illness. Stuffing your feelings can cause depression, chronic fatigue, cancer and many other serious illnesses.

The Need to Control And It’s Relationship to Abuse
Verbal abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse all come from a need to control. The more research I do on the subject and the more I deal with clients in abusive relationships the more I come to believe that to be true.

Male Victims Of Domestic Abuse
When we ignore male victims of domestic abuse, we also ignore their children, who continue to be damaged by witnessing the violence regardless of how severe it is.

Top 7 Reasons People Stay in Abusive Marriages
What motivates a person to stay in a relationship that causes them emotional and physical pain?

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