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Holiday Blues

Whether you are going through divorce or through the process and trying to move on holidays and how to deal with them can be a painful time. On this page you will find articles and information that will help you get through holidays without feeling overwhelmed, sad or anxious.

The Divorce That Stole Christmas
Offshore bank accounts, reindeer custody? Even Santa and Mrs. Clause aren't exempt from a high conflict divorce.

Making the Most of Post-Divorce Holiday Visitation
We all want to make the most of post-divorce holiday visitation. Some fall short of doing so because they can’t let go of past hurts, stubbornly refuse to co-parent or are unable to co-parent in an effective manner.

How to Survive Your First Post Divorce Christmas
What if a person doesn’t have children to focus on? How does a newly single person make sure they have a good or even great Christmas post divorce?

Scheduling Holiday Child Visitation
Scheduling Holiday visitation with your child can be riddled with conflict if not done early and properly.

Holiday Cheer For The Newly Divorced
Is this your first Holiday Season divorced and single? Maybe it is your 3rd or 4th and you are stuck wondering how you are going to survive the Holidays, once again.

How Can I Help My Children Get Over Their Holiday Blues?
A few suggestions on how to deal with your child’s sadness during the Holiday Season and fulfill their needs.

Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive During Divorce
Your actions will help keep the holiday spirit alive and your children happy.

Surviving the Holidays While You’re Surviving Divorce
What do you do with the holidays when dealing divorce or broken relationships make you wonder, “how can I celebrate anything?”

Tips for Surviving Christmas as a Divorced Parent
Christmas is a special and important time of the year. It is especially important if you are married and have children. Christmas as a divorced parent can be just as special if not more special.

Reduce Holiday Stress During And After Divorce
Holidays are always stressful and demand so much time and energy, but this can be even more magnified when you have recently gone through a divorce. Some easy to follow tips will make the holidays more enjoyable for you and if you have them, your children.

Things Divorced Women Can Love About Valentine's Day
The Top 10 things Divorced Women can love about being alone on Valentine's Day.

I’m Getting A Divorce: Bah Humbug To Valentine's Day
At times, our clients do ask us what they should do on Valentien's Day. We are not qualified to treat people with emotional pain and feelings of loneliness. Nevertheless, we often end up giving advice based on common sense and based on our experience.

Post Divorce Holiday Survival
Wondering how you are going to survive your first post divorce holiday? Any holiday should be a time of happiness, togetherness and memory building. Although fun, Holidays come with stress; add to that the stress of going through a divorce or being newly divorced you may be wondering how you are going to make it through.

My First Post-Divorce Christmas Plans
Whether you are relieved to be out of a bad marriage or suffering pain of an unwanted divorce, those first post-divorce holidays are hard to handle. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, why not share with other readers your plans for staving off the holiday blues while newly divorced? See submissions

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