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The Many Faces of Infidelity, Will it be the Cause of Your Divorce

Articles and information on extra-marital affairs. Topics covered such emotional affairs, physical affairs, the other man or woman, how to tell if your spouse is unfaithful and the different reasons men and women cheat.
  1. Cheating and Divorce (4)
  2. Emotional Affairs (2)
  3. Is Your Spouse Cheating? (11)
  4. The Other Man, Other Woman (4)
  5. Why People Cheat (9)

Debunking 4 Myths About Infidelity
If he is cheating is must be midlife crisis, or maybe he isn't getting enough sex at home. Could there be another reason, something you've not thought about?

Will You Marry A Cheater?
Want to protect yourself from a future marriage with a cheater? The best way to do that is evaluate their past relationships.

How To Heal After Infidelity
How resilient you are emotionally will have a great impact on how quickly you heal after your spouse cheats.

Why Is A Love Affair So Intoxicating?
Knowing the difference between married love and affair love can help you understand why your spouse can't let go of his/her affair.

Should You Tell Your Child About The Affair?
The idea may be uncomfortable and you may feel your child should not be made aware of the fact that you have cheated. It is important that you are honest with your child in order to retain a sense of trust.

Will Your Marriage Survive Infidelity?
One of the hardest issues faced by a victim of infidelity iswill my marriage survive infidelity. Whether or not your marriage survives infidelity is dependent on many things.

Types of Infidelity
Is your spouse an opportunistic cheater or a romantic cheater? Find out why the cheater cheats!

Extra-Marital Affairs Are As Old As Marriage
The union, in marriage of two members of the opposite sex is a tradition that has been around since men were living in caves. Since almost the beginning of time, humans have believed that marriage was important in maintaining a cohesive, healthy society.

The Negative Consequences of an Affair
Infidelity has devastating consequences to any marriage.

Major Effects of an Affair
Major effects of infidelity and how to deal with them.

How To Respond to Your Spouse's Affair
How you respond to your spouse's affair will play a role in whether or not the marriage survives.

The Cost Of Infidelity To Men
Married men are 7 percent more likely than married women to commit adultery. And, when a man has an affair, he doesn't seem to consider the consequences of his actions. So says a study to be published in the fall, "So What Did You Do Last Night? The Economics of Infidelity."

How to Know if You are Having an Online Affair
An online affair is as potentially devastating as a physical affair. Are you having an online affair?

Is It Ethical To Spy On A Cheating Spouse?
Are you doing the right thing if you spy on a cheating spouse? The answer depends on the situation, in my opinion.

Cheating Spouse - How Did You Learn That Your Spouse Was Cheating?
Share how you learned your husband or wife was cheating with other readers.

Infidelity Statistics
Statistics pertaining to infidelity amongst married men and women.

Myth vs. Reality of Adultery
The adulterer lives in a mythical, storybook world. The realities of their actions are far different than the reality they create to justify the adultery.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker File For Divorce
Sexting leads to divorce for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Eva filed for divorce from Tony after finding hundreds of text messages on his cell phone. One has to wonder if Eva and Tony are just more evidence that marriage is becoming obsolete in today's society.

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