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Is Divorce The Solution?

Articles and information for those wondering if divorce is the solution for them.
  1. Can or Should it be Saved? (20)
  2. Celebrity Divorce (17)
  3. Midlife Crisis (16)
  4. Reasons to Stay Together (4)
  5. Sexual Problems (11)
  6. Signs Your Marriage is Over (15)

You Probably Shouldn’t Have Divorced And Don’t Even Know It…Yet
Will your divorce be a mistake you will later regret? According to statistics divorce may lead to years of heartache and regret.

5 Things "Eat, Pray, Love" Got Wrong About Divorce And Happiness

6 Questions to Help You Determine If You Should Divorce
Your level of satisfaction in all aspects of your marriage will determine whether or not your marriage will be successful. Are you satisfied?

What Is a Low Conflict Marriage?
A low conflict marriage should not become a victim of divorce. Not if there are children involved and parents willing to work on the marital problems.

Steps Involved in the Divorce Process
An outline of the legal steps you will go through once you have decided to divorce.

Top 4 Worst Reason to Get a Divorce
If you are thinking about divorce, make sure your reasons for wanting a divorce are reasonable.

Passive Aggressive Behavior, a Form of Covert Abuse
Passive Aggressive behavior is a form of covert abuse. When someone hits you or yells at you, you know that you've been abused. It is obvious and easily identified. Covert abuse is subtle and veiled or disguised by actions that appear to be normal, at times loving and caring. The passive aggressive person is a master at covert abuse.

Do You Know When to Divorce?
Should you stay or should you go? There are more options that those two if you are having marital problems.

Four Valid Reasons to Divorce
Making the decision to divorce can be a complicated matter. Most divorces take place due to that have solutions but the parties to the marriage...

What Not to Do When Deciding Whether or Not to Divorce
What you should not do when trying to decide if divorce is the right step for you.

Can The Irreconcilable Differences in Your Marriage be Reconciled?
Since no-fault divorce laws couples have been able to divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences." One has to wonder though, how many of those differences can be reconciled and how many couples are throwing in the towel due to problems in the marriage that are not insurmountable.

How To Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce
Are you a compassionate and empathetic person? If so, those traits will go along way when telling your spouse you want a divorce.

Key Questions to ask Before Filing For Divorce
Are you struggling with marital problems and wondering if it is time to divorce? These are some important questions to ask yourself before making the decision to file for divorce.

Should a Divorce Be Harder To Obtain?
It isn't about making divorce harder but, about requiring those who want a divorce to take the decision seriously.

The Divorce Test
Is your marriage headed for divorce? Answer these 8 questions to find out if your spouse is right for you.

Top 4 Financial Things To Consider Before You File For Divorce
People often move forward with divorce before thinking about where they will end up financially post-divorce. There are four issues everyone should consider before filing for a divorce.

Is Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Damaging Your Marriage?
Becky's husband can't maintain his erection and he doesn't want to talk about the problem. Which do you think does more damage to the marriage, his erectile dysfunction or his refusal to discuss the problem with his wife?

Top 10 Divorce Books
Want to be prepared? What better way than to read all you can about divorce, the divorce process and what to expect during this life transition. Check out this list of the top ten books on divorce.

Stonewalling in Marriage Relationships
Men are more prone to stonewall in a relationship because they feel overwhelmed when a wife wants to “talk feelings” or “discuss problems.” We often hear men accuse their wives of “nagging” which, more often than not is in response to their stonewalling her and her need to discuss marital problems.

Are You Living in a Sexless Marriage?
Are you living in a “sexless marriage?” Is there less sex than you feel is appropriate? A sexless marriage is one in which a spouse feels there isn’t enough sex or there is no sex at all.

Why Are Most Divorces Filed by Women?
Women file for a divorce for many reasons. Today's woman is educated and financially able to leave an unsatisfying marriage.

Can Married Couples Spend Too Much Time Together?
There is a misguided belief by some that when a couple marries they become one. The days of spending time apart are over! I'm of the opinion that marriage does not mean giving up your individuality and that couples can spend too much time together.

Who Wins in Marriage 2.0?
Marriage 2.0, a term being used to describe today's marriages. It seems to be a popular term for men who feel women have the upper hand if a marriage falls apart.

Researchers have tried to figure out the correlation between the economy and...
Is there a correlation between the economy and divorce. Researchers have been unable come up with a definitive answer about whether a down-turn in the economy causes or deters divorce.

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