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What to Expect During the Divorce Process?

Articles and information about the events that take place during the divorce process.
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5 Things Not To Do During Divorce
You should as concerned about what not to do during your divorce as you are about what you should do.

Divorce Court: What Is A Motion?
A motion is a legal recourse your divorce attorney can use to protect you before and after the divorce is final.

7 Reason People Lie in Divorce Court
People lie in divorce court for various reasons. Mainly because they can and get away with it. Others lie to protect themselves and their assets.

How to Let Go of Emotions During The Divorce Process
The legal process of divorce will be easier to navigate if you can let go of toxic emotions that keep you stuck in feelings of anger, resentment and fear.

How To Change Your Name After Divorce
Want to return to your maiden name? If so, address the issue during your divorce support settlement talks.

What To Expect From an Angry Ex-Spouse During Divorce Settlement Negotiations
Your spouse's behaviors are a clear indication of what divorce strategies you should use during the divorce process.

Steps Involved in the Divorce Process
When you decide to divorce there are legal steps you will go through from the beginning to the end of the process.

Divorce Guide for Men
A divorce guide for men! Divorce is usually a one-sided decision which catches a husband off guard. Very rarely do couples sit down and come to the decision to end their marriage together. In most situations a husband is left to struggle with the consequences of his wifes decision to file for a divorce he doesn't want. It isnt easy to deal...

How to File For Divorce
So, youve decide that divorce is the solution for your marital problems. Now you are wondering what steps to take, where to begin and how to file for divorce. Where to begin depends on whether you will be using a divorce attorney or filing for divorce yourself as a pro se litigant.

Were You Treated Unfairly by the Family Court System?
Stories from those who feel they were treated unfairly by the divorce court system. See submissions

Mistakes to Avoid During the Divorce Process
One of the biggest mistakes individuals make during the divorce process if failing to protect themselves financially. Divorce is filled with emotions and emotions get in the way of navigating the divorce process in a manner that does not leave most without regret.

Preparing For The Divorce Process
Making the decision to divorce, to no longer stay in an unhappy marriage is the first step in the divorce process. Once that decision is made you need guidance and an understanding of what lies ahead once the divorce process begins.

What Divorce Advice Did You Find Most Helpful?
The legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce make the divorce process very stressful. Not only will you find it necessary to become familiar with the laws of your state pertaining to divorce, you will need to hold yourself together emotionally and physically.Arming yourself with knowledge about the legal, financial and emotional aspects...

How Complicated Was The Divorce Process With You?
What did you learn about divorce during the process? Share with other what you learned about child custody, property distribution and other areas of divorce with those now going through a divorce.

Finding Divorce Records Online
Need a copy of your divorce record or, are you wishing to find out the particulars of someone elses divorce? Whichever, divorce records are an abundant source of information.

Online Divorce Forms and Papers
Below is a list of links to sites that offer online divorce papers and forms. Be aware of the fact that these sites offer generic, online divorce forms and divorce papers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
Getting a divorce is not a complicated process. There are certain requirements you must meet based on your states divorce laws before you file for divorce. Once you have filed for divorce other factors such as child support, spousal support and division of marital property come into play.

How To Get Divorced E-Course
How To Get Divorced, a free 4-week e-course that will teach you knowledge about the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce and enable you to move on to a healthy post–divorce life. Each lesson is centered on a different aspect of the divorce process with information about how to navigate each phase you will go through from the beginning of the divorce process to the end.

What documents will I need to provide to my divorce attorney?
Your attorney will need documents related to the family finances. These will include income tax returns and documents proving other forms of income. Documents related to any marital debt, assets and property valuations.

Steps to Take When Preparing For Divorce
Divorce Preparaton for those in the thinking stage or those who have just started the divorce process.

How To Have A Conflict Free Divorce
To have a conflict free divorce, you need to take some time to read, think about and act on the advice below, and the specific steps you can take.

Make Any Divorce Better
Your emotions and how you behave during the divorce process will determine whether or not you have a "better divorce." Are your emotions driving the direction of your divorce?

Should I File For Divorce Before Moving Out of State?
My husband and I are divorcing. I will be moving out of state, should I file for divorce before I move to a new state?

Filing For Divorce
The divorce process starts as an emotional process. When a person asks themselves,” how do I file for divorce” often times emotions get in the way of them making a rational decision. We all know what happens when emotions rule our decision making. Our thinking is clouded and our judgment is skewed by feelings.

What Happens After I File For Divorce?
file for divorce, after file for divorce, divorce steps, steps in divorce, steps in divorce process, the divorce process, how to get divorced

How to Enforce a Divorce Settlement Agreement
An explanation of what to do if your ex defies your divorce settlement agreement.

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