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How to File For Divorce


So, you’ve decide that divorce is the solution for your marital problems. Now you are wondering what steps to take, where to begin. Where to begin depends on whether you will be using a divorce attorney or filing for divorce yourself as a pro se litigant.

I encourage those going through a divorce to use a divorce attorney. You need an advocate during the legal process of divorce that is familiar with not only your state’s divorce laws but the way the Family Court works in your area. Below are links to articles that will help you find and work with the proper divorce attorney.

Hiring and Working With a Divorce Attorney:

Filing for Divorce Pro Se:

If you can’t afford an attorney or you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement without an attorney you can file for divorce on your own. If there are marital assets to divide, child custody, child support or spousal support issues at play you will be better served to hire an attorney. If, for some reason this is not possible the links below will help you navigate the divorce process absent a divorce attorney.

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